STOMP - Mentoring for Refugee Bridging Program

ANU Engagement and Success collaborates with Dickson College's Refugee Bridging Program, to run the School to Tertiary Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP). This program pairs up an ANU student mentor with a student from Dickson college to enhance opportunities (including higher education) for high school students with refugee status. Mentors provide a mentoring support service which includes developing the students' abilities with the English language, providing assistance with their subjects, developing academic skills such as time management and communication strategies and helping them immerse into the Canberra community. Mentors and their students meet weekly for one-hour sessions.

How do I become a STOMP mentor?

To become a mentor, please email

Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

As a STOMP mentor, you will be contributing to valuable development of students with refugee status from Dickson College. In addition to personal growth, experiences and valuable contributions, students participating in STOMP mentoring will also:

- Receive reimbursement of their Griffin Hall membership

- Have their contributions added to their ANU transcript (via ANU+, students must register under ANU+)





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