Inside the inferno!

Travel inside a bush fire with Dr Andrew Sutherland to discover the processes involved in the combustion of vegetation, the generation and transfer of the heat released from the flames, and the spread of bushfires across the landscape.

The climate, topography and vegetation of Australia is such that at some time during the year bushfires will occur somewhere in the country. Most bushfires are relatively mild and often burn themselves out without when they run out of fuel or the weather changes. However, when the outbreak of a bushfire coincides with hot strong winds and continuous dry and flammable vegetation across the landscape they have the potential to become widespread conflagrations that are essentially uncontrollable.

Andrew’s talk will also look at some of the latest research being conducted by CSIRO to improve our understanding and prediction of one of Australia’s most devastating natural phenomena.

Thursday 4th of September from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

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