Believe it: an international undergraduate research conference at ANU

27 March 2014

The third Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) will be hosted at ANU in September this year – giving you the opportunity to get in involved with, or even present at, a conference before you’ve finished your first degree.

You can register and attend the conference, but there are more roles available. If you’ve got a story to tell and you love speaking to an interested audience, you can submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation. If you want to learn how to put on a conference, you can bid for a place curating the conference program. You can even submit an expression of interest in stage-managing the whole event, which means you’d be helping coordinate an international conference.

Preparations for the conference begin early this semester with meetings with interested students. There’ll also be abstract-writing workshops for if you want to submit an abstract for presentations. For more details visit the ACUR webpage.

Have you helped organize a student conference? Email your top tips for a successful conference to, including ‘Conferences’ in the Subject line so we can include them in future articles.