Ask Aunt Minerva

27 March 2014

Random Second Year Arts Student: Dear Aunt Minerva, I’m finishing my second year in Arts this semester and trying to decide which combination of courses to enroll in for my third year. I’ve got a good academic record and I’m kind of interested in research but I don’t know if it will be useful for getting a job after I graduate. Can you help?

Aunt Minerva: What, so you want me to give you a job? You know back when I was at university I wasn’t even allowed to go to university because I was a woman, but I went anyway. I disguised myself as a man, and look at me now! So I say, the world’s just your oyster, Random Second Year Arts Student.

Have you considered an ANIP (Australian National Internship Program) internship? They involve a substantial research project conducted during a placement in a range of government departments, national institutions, peak industry bodies, and NGOs or international organisations such as embassies. That was a mouthful, but you know an ANIP internship gives you the chance to develop and apply research skills, contribute to an organisation’s response to public policy issues and apply some vital professional polish to your C.V.

The best bit is an ANIP counts towards your undergraduate degree (from between 6 to 24 credit points), so you don’t have to schlep around uni for so long. You can find out more from the ANIP website or search for ANIP in the ANU Programs and Courses site. And don’t worry so much now! Look at you: you’re young, you’ve got time, you’ve come to me for advice: you’re a good kid.

Your Aunt Minerva

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