Anxiety, awakening & Harry Potter: how we long to be rid of anxiety & how we lose ourselves if we do

"Fear makes people do terrible things, Harry. The last time Voldemort gained power he almost destroyed everything...  I'm afraid the Minister will do almost anything to avoid facing that terrifying truth." J.K. Rowling.

We live in a time where media saturates our waking lives, depicting culture that is skewed toward an idealised way of life. This is contrasted with ongoing horrors and trauma in each news cycle. There is much pressure to remove what is inconvenient or unwanted regardless of its function. To not know what is there to know about our lives and experience.  When it comes to anxiety, which can range from unpleasant to paralysing, the desire to relieve it can be irresistible and usually is a strong motivating force. This seminar will explore anxiety and the ways in which we attempt to control and remove the experience of it. The seminar will propose an alternative to control or elimination. It is not new and can signify facing what we fear.