ANU's Got Talent: Virtual Art Show - Submissions open

The ANU Learning Communities are showcasing the artistic talent across our community with the ANU's Got Talent virtual art show. We invite you to submit creative pieces of any description - Record a song, write a poem, draw smething, make a TikTok, perform Riverdance, literally anything! Fill your extra time at home by learning a new skill or showing off one you've already got. There will be prizes attached, which will be awarded in four categories: Visual Art, Creative Writing, Video, and Music.

The Virtual Art show will showcase pieces across the next 2 months, prior to the close of submissions on the 1st of June. If Clubs and Societies and resident art experts want to assist with further art creation, we are welcoming 'How to' videos that we can share on the event page. Please email ideas to

We will also be hosting a more serious discussion on the importance of art in times of anxiety. Art is transformative, powerful and particularly important in times of crisis. Why is this so? Stay tuned to hear from artists and art experts on this topic, and join in on the conversation.

We look forward to celebrating ANU's Got Talent!

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