Travel Insurance and ANU Travel Policy

ANU students are insured under ANU travel policy whilst on authorized and approved travel programs. Please note that depending on what you need, this travel policy may not be sufficient for you. Please read carefully all travel policy documents and information kit. 

If you are going on exchange programs with ANU Global Programs, PRIMO and eligible credit-bearing short courses, you will be covered under this travel policy. Up to additional 30% of your personal travel will also be covered under this policy. For instance, if your credit-bearing short course is 10 days, you will be covered for a maximum of 3 days of your personal travel. 

If you are going on independent study abroad or other programs that are not facilitated by or registered with ANU Global Programs, you will need to contact ANU Travel Insurance office to make an enquiry. 

For more information on eligibility, coverage and full policy, please read the following documents: