Short Course: Summer in Singapore 2019


The Singapore Management University (SMU) - Summer in Singapore program provides an opportunity for ANU students to participate in a partner program in Singapore during the ANU teaching break in June/July.

The Summer in Singapore program runs for four weeks from 1 July to 26 July in 2019. 

The program is taught in English, and if selected, you will be able to choose from a range of courses focussing on "Asian Insights".

Students gain new insights and perspectives on trends and developments in Asia, and have opportunities to engage Asian industry leaders through dialogue and networking sessions.



Students have the option to go as an exchange student or a study abroad student. Fees arrangements for exchange students are different than that of study abroad students. 

Under a special arrangement with SMU, the top four applicants will receive exchange places. This means you will not pay any tuition fees to SMU, and will instead pay tuition to ANU directly. Other students can still participate, but will go as study abroad students and will pay fees directly to SMU. Students have the option to either study one or two courses. 

If you are going as a study abroad student (you are paying tuition fee directly to SMU), you will be paying the following amount:


Program Fees

Price (SGD)

Price (SGD w 7% Good and Services Tax)

1 Course



2 Courses




Courses Offered

Students can apply for one or two courses.

Student who is doing one couse can select any of the following courses from either Cluster 1 or Cluster 2. 
Students who are doing two courses must select one course from Cluster 1 and one course from Cluster 2. 


Course title

Cluster 1: 


Capital Markets in China

Innovation for Asia's Smart Cities

Managing Customer Relations with Analytics: Asian Insights

The Legal Environment of Business: An Asian Perspective

Screening Asia: History, Society and Politics in Films

Cluster 2: 


Economics Globalisation and Asia

Global Megatrends: Opportunities and Challenges for Asia

Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

Asian Family Businesses

Entrepreneurship in Asia


Eligibility and How to Apply

Apply online through our portal: