Vice-Chancellor's Coursework Travel Grants - PRIMO

The Vice-Chancellor provides funding through ANU Global Programs to assist coursework students who meet specified criteria to facilitate learning abroad, enrich their academic experience and enable them to undertake approved periods of overseas short-term and semester study.

Students who meet the approved criteria outlined below may apply or be automatically considered where specified for a VC Coursework Travel Grant of up to the specified amount.

To be eligible for support, students must be enrolled in a bachelor, Juris Doctor or master by coursework program and otherwise meet the specific eligibility requirements referenced under each grant category.

Where applications are necessary, these must be lodged and approved before the activity is undertaken.


Applications will be accepted twice per year for PRIMO programs. To apply for the PRIMO Vice Chancellor's Travel Grant you must tell us in 150 words how this travel grant will support your learning abroad experience. The program is funded under the ANU Vice Chancellor's Travel grants scheme. Grants are worth AUD up to $3,000 each.

To be eligible for one of the PRIMO VC's Travel Grants you must:

  • Full time first-year (completed 48 units or less) undergraduate student;
  • Undertaking a PRIMO course;
  • Received credit approval from an academic advisor of your College.  

If a student's college does not approve academic credit for this experience they cannot be considered as an eligible applicant for grants. For students with more than one college, only one college needs to give approval


All  enquiries should be directed to Global Programs at