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ANU Careers & Employability offers a wide range of services to assist employers in the promotion of employment opportunities exclusive to ANU students. The ANU has seven academic colleges that house a number of schools and research centres that specialise in a range of disciplines - some unique in Australia and the region. For specific information on the study programs offered by the ANU please visit The Programs and Courses page.

Employer engagement

Our industry partners include public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. We are always interested to work with you to come up with creative ways to meet the needs of your organisation and can tailor strategies or explore new and innovative ways for you to engage with our students. Our most consistent and effective options include:

  • Employer Visit Presentation: An opportunity to present directly about your graduate program or opportunity to ANU students in-person or virtually. Focus is on communicating relevant information on the application process, learning and development during the program, recent graduate stories and understanding organisational culture. ANU Careers & Employability work hard for each employer to ensure the best possible audience attendance and outcome.  Our peak Employer Visits Program takes place in late Feb, March and April each year but we welcome sessions throughout the year. This is great way to get your brand and organisation in front of ANU students at all year levels.
  • A Day in the Life Presentation: Do you currently have an ANU graduates working with you? Feedback from students is that they really value first-hand peer to peer experience where ANU alumni become part of an information session and describe what a day in their professional life involves. This can help get students excited about working in your organisation by hearing from someone they can relate too. This also a great time to talk about what your graduates did to stand out, what extra- curricular activities, casual work or volunteering they were involved in, and how they made sure this transferable action was translated to the workplace.
  • Interactive Sessions: Give students the chance to try real world professional tasks is a great way to get students excited about their future prospects with you. We can also introduce you to colleges to discuss curriculum based industry projects and internships.
  • Industry Panel Discussions: This opportunity allows you to showcase your organisation's values and culture, and gives students access to several employers at once, helping them obtain a first-hand insight into an industry, so they can make informed choices and put energy behind an application. Would you like to be part of an interesting panel discussion with other industry experts discussing important topics our students want to know more about?
  • Brand Promotion: Advertise and promote your vacation, graduate and other employment opportunities to relevant students, across campus, on ANU Careers & Employability Facebook page and on our internal jobs platform, ANU CareerHub. Our marketing and promotion services will help raise your brand profile on campus. We offer targeted emails, logo web displays and other creative engaging strategies.
  • First round graduate interviews: Hire interview space/s in one of multiple venues on the ANU campus. It is a great way to make students feel comfortable at the initial stage of the application process. We can support various aspects of the day including promotion, set-up  and management of candidates if needed.

At the heart of what we do is ensuring that our students have the right opportunities to gain real-world workplace experience and that's where you come in. For further details in regards to costs for services and any other information please contact careers@anu.edu.au

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Key dates

Timing is everything and we know that engaging with students will require some preparation. It's good to be informed about when ANU students are in session, have exams or are on semester break so that you can plan your engagement with them in line with their studies.

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