Employer examples

Employers, including the Public Service and private sector, use selection criteria as part of their selection processes. Selection criteria must all be individually addressed.

Some real-world examples from specific employers include:

  • Good interpersonal and liaison skills, including the initiative, drive and flexibility to achieve results and describe a time when you were faced with a task or problem.
  • How did you go about understanding and defining the task or problem?
  • What skills and techniques did you use to identify and analyse appropriate sources of data?
  • How did you use this data, including underlying issues, to identify appropriate solutions.
  • Capable of self-managing and directing your energy and effort productively and efficiently
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and in a small team, without direct supervision

Public Service

The Australian Public Service (APS) has mandated selection criteria in its recruitment processes for transparency and equity reasons. Browse the APS webpages for information about how to write selection criteria for the APS in the document Cracking the Code. This document also includes a good example of a statement addressing a selection criterion.

Private sector

Similar to public service organisations, employers in the private sector will want to assess your suitability. Although private sector organisations usually do not use selection criteria as part of their selection processes, interviews for these positions often do include selection criteria-like questions.

It comes down to doing your research: what does the organisation want to know to enable them to make an assessment of you, the applicant? Again, the website, the contact officer, and other sources can provide you much information to inform you.