Managing your timetable

Leading up the start of the semester, a great place to start is to set up your timetable. Class timetables can be found on the ANU timetabling page. There is also an unofficial ANU timetable builder that some students find helpful but you need to cross check this with the official timetable to ensure you have the latest information. 

Use your course outlines, which you will find on your Wattle or other course websites, to find out what the face-to-face requirements are for each course. 

From time to time you may find you have a timetable clash. What to do?

  • If you will be assessed for tutorial participation and attendance, try to find an alternative tutorial time. Usually you are offered a range of different tutorial times from which to choose. If you absolutely cannot change, and there is no suitable, alternative course, consult with your lecturers/College support staff.
  • Lectures are recorded using Echo and lecture attendance is rarely recorded so clashes with lectures are rarely a problem. If this happens, choose which lectures you want to attend face-to-face. This will depend on the content and your personal preference. It would be useful to sample both in the early weeks to help you decide.
  • If you are listening to recorded lecturers - schedule a time in your weekly timetable to listen to the recordings and stick to it! It can be tedious listening to recordings so you need to be disciplined.

To help you establish a weekly routine, we recommend you use our handy Weekly planner template. More information can be found on our Time management pages.