Workshops for academic English

Academic Skills offers workshops during Orientation Week specifically designed for students who have English as a second language. All students are welcome to attend. Times and dates are advertised on the Orientation webpage in February and July each year.

New at ANU for international students

Designed to introduce new students to what studying at ANU involves. We discuss the expectations of learning at ANU, and how to successfully manage these expectations. In particular, we offer effective strategies for managing your study load; participating confidently in tutorials, lectures, and other types of settings; and communicating with your lecturers, tutors and peers.

Worried about your English?

Learn effective techniques to practice and extend your English, both in everyday and academic environments. In particular, we look at how to engage in tutorial conversations, how to practice your English on a regular basis, and how to apply these skills in your reading and writing.

Writing in your own words

The ability to read and understand someone else's arguments, pull out its essential parts and convey their meaning in your own words is an essential skill at university. Summarising and paraphrasing are important ways of incorporating evidence into your assignments in developing and supporting your own ideas. They must be done properly to avoid issues with plagiarism. In this workshop, we examine strategies for writing effective summaries and paraphrases that pass the academic integrity test, and project your authorial voice so your markers can identify your understanding of the topic.

Other workshops

Additionally in Orientation Week, we have a range of other workshops aimed at helping students to feel confident in academic writing and communication. Workshop topics include: essay and report writing; presentation skills; referencing; and exam preparation. If you miss out, you can access these courses through our ASLC Orientation Wattle site available through O-week page