English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series

Unlock your potential at ANU by improving your English and wellbeing. Join the English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series.  

Information about series start dates and how to register will be released soon.


What is the English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series?

The English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series (EWES) is a collection of free workshops uniquely designed to support international students living and studying in Australia.  

Each workshop focuses on providing English language skills, practical advice and guidance related to moving to Australia and studying at ANU.  


Who can attend?

All first-year international students studying at ANU can join the series.


Why should I join?

We understand that the transition to university is challenging enough without also having to leave your home country.

These workshops will help you:

  • feel more confident and comfortable living in Canberra and studying at ANU
  • develop personal, social and academic confidence
  • practice your English for academic success
  • meet other new international students and share your experiences
  • receive additional support for your exams if you attend 80% of the workshops
  • improve your English through face-to-face feedback and conversations. 

The EWES offers:

  • small group settings for increased interaction
  • opportunities to attend a range of workshops throughout the year including mid-semester, winter and summer breaks
  • free sessions with no assessments, examinations or homework
  • flexibility to accommodate your study load and schedule
  • sessions run by qualified and experienced teachers
  • lunchtime sessions to practice your English in a fun and interactive atmosphere


What topics will the workshops cover?

EWES offers a series of workshops on wellbeing and English enhancement topics.

Intercultural awareness

Understand the culture and social customs of Australia and share your own culture and customs with others.

Join this session for language that can help you gain understanding and acceptance in a multicultural learning environment.

Living in Australia

Get tips and guidance on how to successfully live away from home. This will help you to settle into studying and living in Australia.

Join this session for an understanding of the challenges you may face and develop language strategies to cope.

Studying in Australia

Studying at ANU may be a bit different than studying in your home country. Develop techniques and strategies for being successful during your time at ANU.

Join this session for language that can enhance your chances of academic excellence in Australia.

Personal safety

Canberra is one of the safest places to live in Australia - but moving to an unfamiliar country can still make you feel uncomfortable. Understand the risks that could exist in your new environment.

Join this session for language to help you navigate these risks and stay safe.

Physical wellbeing for success

Living away from home can be challenging - preparing nutritious meals, looking after yourself, going to the doctor or dentist may all seem a little daunting in a new country.

Join this session for language to help you look after your physical wellbeing while studying in Australia.

Emotional wellbeing for success

Managing new social, cultural and educational practices can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Join this session for language to express your feelings and to ask for support and advice when you need it.

Social wellbeing for success

Making new friends is an exciting part of your university experience.

Join this session for the language you need to meet new people and make new friends.

Communicating with university staff

Learn to write culturally appropriate emails to communicate with your lecturers, tutors and peers.

Join this session for guidance on writing effective emails in English.

Getting a part-time job

As an international student, you are able to get a part-time job during your studies at ANU.

Join this session for the language needed to create a curriculum vitae, apply for a part- time job and have a successful job interview.

Your rights as a part-time worker

If you are going to get a part-time job, it is important that you understand your rights as a casual worker.

Join this session to understand your rights as a part-time worker in Australia and develop the language and confidence to express any concerns you may have in your workplace.

Managing your finances

Using a new currency, opening a bank account, carrying out bank transactions, adjusting to the cost of living and prioritising your needs and wants can be quite challenging.

Join this session for language to help you manage these tasks and your finances.


How do I join?

Contact us at ewes@anucollege.edu.au if you are interested in attending these workshops.