Honours writing workshops

Academic Skills offers workshops for Honours students about a wide variety of topics. We run workshops within particular Schools and Colleges, and if your School or College is running them they will let you know the dates and times. 

For those whose Schools are not offering Academic Skills workshops, you are warmly encouraged to come to our skills-based program. These workshops are relevant to a wide cross section of students, and disciplinary differences are discussed in the workshops. Please register to attend. Registrations are opened a few weeks before the workshop is held.  

Skills-based workshops

Throughout the year we are running a program for Honours students on planning your Honours year, presenting your research and writing your thesis. All workshops will be held via Zoom. The Eventbrite link to register will be added shortly.

Kickstart your Honours

Learn how to make the most out of your year and how to plan and complete your research milestones efficiently and successfully. This workshop provides advice on managing your time and working with your supervisor. Find out about effective reading, research strategies and information management tools to better manage your research. 

Thesis structures & introductions

This workshop deconstructs past theses to develop a strong understanding of the thesis' purpose, key components, and how you might go about structuring and writing your own. Using examples from past theses, we analyse what makes a successful introduction. 

Presenting your research

Learn key techniques for structuring and confidently delivering a presentation with a clear key message. We also discuss ways to enhance visual aids and delivery, including dealing with questions and overcoming nerves. 

Finishing up and editing your thesis

Getting to the end of the project will involve tying all the parts of your thesis together and ensuring cohesion and clarity. We discuss how to craft a strong conclusion. Bring along a draft to apply editing techniques in a systematic way to improve your thesis' overall quality.  

School-based workshops

We currently run Honours workshops for the following Schools

  • College of Asia and the Pacific
    • International Security Studies
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences
    • School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics
    • School of Politics and International Relations
    • School of Sociology
  • College of Business and Economics
    • Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics
  • College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics
    • Research School of Computer Science
  • College of Science
    • Fenner School of Environment and Society
    • Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
    • Research School of Biology
    • Research School of Physics
  • College of Health and Medicine
    • John Curtin School of Medical Research
    • Research School of Population Health
    • Research School of Psychology


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