Poor practice

Accidental mistakes with referencing are often described as poor practice. They include:

  • missing citations
  • errors in the reference formatting
  • missing parts of a citation.

For example:

Patel and Richards state that "elephants' central nervous systems are particularly unique". Other authors, however, argue that elephants' central nervous systems have many points of comparison to those of other mammals (Davies & Leung, 2014, p34).

The above example shows poor practice because the first sentence does not include a proper citation for Patel and Richards' study. To avoid such a mistake, clear note-taking and good time management are crucial.

Note also that the example uses APA referencing, but it has a formatting mistake (the page number should be represented as p. 34, not p34).

To avoid such issues, find out more on our pages on Referencing, Note-taking, and Reading strategies.