Academic Integrity Awareness Week 2021

Academic integrity is an essential part of your studies here at the Australian National University. At its core, it is about behaving honestly and creating work that is genuine and original.

From 30 August to 3 September 2021, the University hosted its first Academic Integrity Awareness Week!

A range of interesting and informative events were held, featuring expert panellists from across the University.  You can watch the videos or look through the slideshows using the links below.

Topic Presenters Video and presentation slides
Launch event
  • Professor Royston Gustavson (Dean, Academic Quality)
  • Professor Maryanne Dever (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Digital)
  • Roxanne Missingham (University Librarian, Chief Scholarly Information Officer)
Academic integrity myth busting (for students)
  • Professor Royston Gustavson (Dean, Academic Quality)
  • Dr Vivien Silvey (Academic Skills)
  • Dr Tania M. Colwell (College of Arts & Social Sciences)
  • Dr Rose Ahlefeldt (College of Science)
  • Terra Starbird (Scholarly Information Services)
  • Emily Yam and Hassan Riaz (ANUSA)
  • Ninad Bhat (PARSA)
Exams and academic integrity (for students)
  • Professor Maryanne Dever (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Digital)
  • Dr Ben Kooyman (Academic Skills)
  • Amanda Valent (Digital Literacy)
  • Dr Jenni Bettman (College of Business and Economics)
  • Associate Professor Roald Maliangkaij (College of Asia & the Pacific)
  • Professor Greg Weeks (College of Law)
  • Dr Lucy Neave (College of Arts & Social Sciences)
Writing with academic integrity (for students)
  • Dr Thuy Do (Academic Skills)
  • Dr Cally Guerin (Researcher Development)
  • Dr Julia Ellyard (College of Health & Medicine)
  • Professor Bruce Smyth (College of Arts & Social Sciences)
  • Professor Steve Blackburn (College of Engineering & Computer Science)
Academic integrity and assessment design (for staff)
  • Professor Royston Gustavson (Dean, Academic Quality)
  • Terra Starbird (Scholarly Information Services)
  • Dr Ben Kooyman (Academic Skills)
  • Dr Joseph Hughes (Centre for Learning & Teaching)
  • Professor Carolyn Hendriks (Crawford School of Public Policy)
  • Associate Professor David Kramer (College of Health & Medicine)
  • Christian Flynn and Madhumitha Janagaraja (ANUSA)
  • Ninad Bhat and Tallal Khan (PARSA)

We are hoping that Academic Integrity Awareness Week will be an annual event at ANU. If you have any ideas for future sessions, please get in touch with us, we would welcome your suggestions and feedback.