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November 2019, Edition 4

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This month, we introduce our amazing talent in the OHIOH Big Data program and some of these researchers’ highlights. In November, A/Prof Hanna Suominen as its program leader is traveling to Melbourne to present our accepted abstract in The 8th Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation. The 2019 theme of this two-day research meetup by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council is “Research translation in the digital age: harnessing the power of data and analytical technologies”. This gives us an excellent opportunity to engage with the key stakeholders in health informatics in Australia and describe how OHIOH is contributing to both technological and translational leadership in this topic

In the abstract, titled “Innovative Machine Intelligence and Cybersecurity Solutions to Safeguard the Patient Information Associated with a New Generation of Medical Devices”, all OHIOH programs have joined their forces and collaboratively across disciplines and professions to conclude that, if successful, OHIOH will provide a template for deep personalisation of medicine based on genomics, a new generation smart medical devices, and machine learning, which will enable patients to receive earlier diagnoses, participate in enhanced disease management, and benefit from precision therapy regardless of their geographic location or social circumstances. In combination with superior data analytics, these wearable technologies and portable devices have the potential to transform early detection and monitoring of disease in a scalable, patient-friendly manner. However, maintaining the security of medical data captured by such networked information systems is a prerequisite for conducting human big-data analytics experiments; without this, developing intelligent, domain-tailored technology solutions, and evaluating their quality and practical impacts, is impossible.

The OHIOH Big Data program is still growing, with current members: A/Prof Hanna Suominen, Dr Artem Lenskiy, Dr Elena Daskalaki, Dr Md Zakir Hossain, Mr Robin Vlieger, Mr Ran Cui, and Mr Chirath Hettiarachchi. They are supported by significant in-kind contributions by the following investigators from the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, among others: Dr Deborah Apthorp, Dr Nan Yang, Dr Uwe Zimmer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for research collaboration or summer/long/honours/masters/doctors projects.

Best wishes,

A/Professor Hanna Suominen, Program Leader, OHIOH Big Data

Members of the OHIOH Big Data team sharing some of their exciting proof-of-concept technologies at the Multiple Sclerosis Symposium held at the ANU on 29 October 2019



Personalised and Integrated Management of MS

The ACT Multiple Sclerosis Symposium was held 29 October 2019. The program featured researchers and clinicians from overseas, interstate and ANU, including those engaged with “Our Health in Our Hands” MS research. 70 participants attended, including a large number of People with Multiple Sclerosis (PwMS), who enjoyed hearing the presentations and being able to meet and talk to clinicians and researchers. Read more»



Diabetes Update

The last few months have been focussed on finalising the research protocols and ethics applications for the OHIOH Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Cohort and the OHIOH T1D Advanced Eye Research Study. Once the OHIOH T1D Cohort project is approved, we will be able to recruit children, adolescents and young adults from the paediatric diabetes and young adult diabetes services (YADs). Read more»





The 8th Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation

20-21 November



Grant Success

Congratulations to Dr Anne Bruestle on receiving an Ramaciotti Health Investment Grant for her project titled "Demonstrating detection of validated and candidate relapse indicators of MS using a first in class portable device".


National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC)


Congratulations to the ACT Health Diabetes Service (ACT Health-DS) on being accredited as a Tertiary Level Diabetes Service and recognised as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by the National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) for the next 4 years. The ACT Health-DS has been acknowledged by NADCC for its significant work and contribution in the following key areas:

  • Influence nationally & internationally
  • Diabetes research
  • Model of Care in diabetes
  • Diabetes foot management
  • Academic excellence


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