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December 2019, Edition 5

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2019 has been a significant year for Our Health in Our Hands, with several important research initiatives established to help shape the evolution of precision healthcare. These have been created in close consultation with people living with MS and diabetes, and with partners who will enable the realisation of health benefits.

OHIOH’s Professor Ted Maddess led a successful proposal with Konan Medical, to develop rapid and objective eye and brain testing for better management of neurological disease such as MS, and complications of diabetes. This three-year project will be jointly funded by Konan Medical, OHIOH, and the Medical Research Futures Fund. People in the ACT will have opportunities to participate in this study.

Sensor technologies under development for monitoring of health and drug responses in MS and diabetes have received a boost in funding. This will allow ambitious future diagnostic and health monitoring tools to be developed.

Dr Anne Bruestle has secured Ramaciotti Foundation support to develop a blood monitoring system for people living with MS. Professors Dragomir Neshev and Colin Jackson have led OHIOH’s involvement in three Centres of Research Excellence, in which ANU work will focus on the development of new sensor technology. These will be launched in 2020 with funding from the Australian Research Council.

Early in 2020, we will begin recruiting into our main cohort studies. These will offer opportunities for people living with MS and Type 1 Diabetes to engage with research and emerging health monitoring tools. Details will be announced in the New Year.

Thank you to those that have generously supported OHIOH in 2019 with time, effort and insight. This extends to members of our Research and Health Experience Teams, Boards, Health Services, and the wider community.

Chris Pugmire, Director

From all at OHIOH - we wish you and your families a festive and safe holiday season



A Tour of Machine Learning Concepts

Dr Artem Lenskiy from the OHIOH Big Data program presenting at the invited masterclass on machine leaning (ML) on 19 November 2019. The Australian Government Economist Conference was organised by the IPPA Institute of Public Administration Australia. Read more»



Sensor Program Update

The OHIOH Sensor Program has been advancing the biomedical sensing platforms, achieving proof-of-concept demonstrations of picomolar biomarker detection. Achieving this low limit of detection is required for the monitoring of promising biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis. These sensors platforms are also useful for the detection of complementary biomarkers for Diabetes monitoring. Read more»





11th Health Services Policy and Research Conference, Auckland 4 -6 December.

Attended by Dr Jane Desborough and Dr Anne Parkinson. Dr Parkinson gave an oral presentation of the OHIOH project, “Living in a time of personalised medicine: a systematic scoping review of the experiences of people with Multiple Sclerosis”


The Progress in MS Research Conference Melbourne 31 October - 1 November.

Researchers, students and research partners in the MS stream of OHIOH went to Melbourne last month to join this multidisciplinary conference. The overall response to our OHIOH project was overwhelmingly positive thanks to our brilliant presenters Dr Jo Lane (pic left) and Dr Jane Desborough and the winning poster presentation by Ms Alicia Wilson.



Paper Submissions

Three papers co-authored by A/Prof H Suominen have been submitted for NO2020 Nursing Informatics International Congress on machine learning and mobile health monitoring apps for diabetes and neurological conditions, including MS.


Conversations with OHIOH


This is the first piece of work to arise from our MS Research Australia funded project Developing a Toolkit to support Collaborative MS Research.

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