Key talks, presentations and conference papers



  1. Tuyu Zhou, Jorrit Gosens, Hongzhang Xu, Frank Jotzo, China's green steel plans: Near-term policy challenges & Australia-China links in decarbonisation, 2 Aug 2022.

  2. Tuyu Zhou, Jorrit Gosens, Frank Jotzo, China's hydrogen plans: Near-term policy challenges & Australia-China links in decarbonisation, 2 Aug 2022.

  3. Tuyu Zhou, Jorrit Gosens, Hongzhang Xu, Frank Jotzo, China's net-zero plans: Policy brief on near-term policy challenges & Australia-China links in decarbonisation, 2 Aug 2022.

  4.  Jorrit Gosens & Frank Jotzo, Effects of China's decarbonization and energy security plans on Australian coal exports: Results from an installation-level linear optimization model developed by the Centre for Climate and Energy Policy, ANU.


  1. Emma Aisbett, APEC Public Private Dialogue on Renewable Energy, 11 January 2021
  2. Xuemei Bai, Zero Carbon City International Forum, IGES, Session Moderator, 17-8 March 2021
  3. Xuemei Bai, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 23 March 2021
  4. Xuemei Bai, Hong Kong City University Open Forum/Workshop on Redefining Sustainability Science. Invited speaker
  5. Xuemei Bai, IPCC AR6 Lead Author Meeting, 4 April 2021
  6. Xuemei Bai, Opening Keynote, Swedish Energy Outlook, 28 April 2021
  7. Xuemei Bai, Beijing Normal University, China, 24 May 2021
  8. Xuemei Bai, Opening Plenary Panellist on Industrial Ecology in Support of Climate Policy, International Society of Industrial Ecology conference, 21 June 2021
  9. Xuemei Bai, Speaker, Australian Briefing of IPBES-IPCC Scientific Outcome Report, 5 July 2021
  10. Ken Baldwin contributed six presentations on Energy Security to the National Security College Development Program for the Australian Public Service.
  11. Ken Baldwin appeared in Generation Summit Conference panel discussion: How can the nation achieve a reliable energy system with low emissions at the lowest cost?, 17 February 2021.
  12. Ken Baldwin chaired Online event - Preparing electricity networks for extreme climate events:  Learnings from California and Texas, 20 April 2021.
  13. Andrew Blakers, presented paper The observed cost of high penetration solar PV and wind to 48th IEEE PVSC conference 24 June 2021
  14. Paul Burke, Clean energy opportunities in Vietnam, 13th NEU-KKU International Conference on Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues in Development [online], National Economics University, Vietnam, 10 June 2021,
  15. Paul Burke, Policies for harnessing clean energy opportunities in Indonesia, Imagining Indonesia's Energy Future Conference, 8 March 2021,
  16. Paul Burke, Emissions reductions from carbon pricing: international evidence, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), 4 March 2021,
  17. Reza Fazeli, Fiona J Beck, Matthew Stocks, Recognizing the role of uncertainties in the transition to renewable hydrogen, Under review, Energy. 
  18. Thang Do & Paul Burke, Drivers for Vietnam's Solar Power Boom: Policy Implications for ASEAN Member States, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, 16 February 2021,
  19. Thang Do, Vietnam's solar and wind power success: Policy implications for other countries, APEC supported University Collaboration to Support Data Gathering and Analysis in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Claremont McKenna College, California, United States, 8-9 June 2021.
  20. Thang Do, panelist at the Thematic Track Session 1.3 Deep Dives at the City, National, and Regional Levels, Asia Clean Energy Forum, Asian Development Bank, 
  21. Thang Do, Insights from Vietnam's solar boom, Innovations for environmental stewardship: renewable energy in Indonesia and Vietnam, Development Studies seminar series (FKP), Indonesia World Resources Institute, 18 March 2021. 
  22. Frank Jotzo, Thomas Longden & Mousami Prasad, Green hydrogen for industrial decarbonisation, London Climate Action Week, Pathways to net zero emissions and carbon/climate neutrality, [online], The Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC), 29 - 30 June 2021.
  23. Thomas Longden, Keynote presentation at the 39th  International Energy Workshop, 39th International Energy Workshop June 14-17, 2021 
  24. Bin Lu, addressed the ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute (Singapore) webinar on 100% renewable electricity in Southeast Asia, 1 March 2021.
  25. Lily O'Neill, First Nations and Renewable Energy: How will First Nations' people derive most benefit from the renewable energy revolution?, National Native Title Conference, Adelaide, 4 June 2021.  
  26. Yun Liu presented at the Australian Hydrogen Research Network workshop on Hydrogen Storage, 17 May 2021.
  27. James Prest, Comparing the Hydrogen Strategies of the EU, Germany, and Australia: Legal and Policy Issues, Online Seminar Pre sentation to the Research Group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, Norway, at invitation of Dr. Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, Associate Professor, 25 May 2021.
  28. James Prest, Comparative Review of the Status of Climate Legislation in Australia and India: The Broader Importance of Legislative Provisions for The Renewable Energy Sector, Online Consultative Workshop on Legislating Climate Change in India.  Centre for Environment Law Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA), NLSIU, Bengaluru. At invitation of Prof. (Dr.) Sairam Bhat, Professor of Law & Coordinator of CEERA. National Law School of India University, 18 June 2021.
  29. James Prest, Renewable Energy Boom and Bust in Australia: Law Reform around Network Connection of Renewable Energy Projects, Presentation to 18th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, (Online multi-day conference), Law Faculty, University of Groningen, Netherlands, 2 July 2021.



  1. Emma Aisbett, Penelope Howarth & Kenneth GH Baldwin, How do we certify the amount of carbon embedded in hydrogen fuels? ANU Energy Change Institute public forum, 8 September 2020. 
  2. Emma Aisbett, Information to nourish Growth in Green Trade and Investment, Smart Energy Council Virtual Conference and Exhibition, 10 September 2020.
  3. Kenneth GH Baldwin, Iain MacGill, & Tim Nelson. Future Electricity Markets - The Australian Experience, Plenary, International Association of Energy Economics conference, Auckland New Zealand, 12 - 14 February 2020.
  4. Kenneth GH Baldwin, Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Hydrogen Exports, Smart Energy Summit:  Building an Energy Grid for the New Climate, Parliament House, 27 February 2020.
  5. Kenneth GH Baldwin, Australia's energy future, a webinar hosted by Renew ACT branch, 25 March 2020.
  6. Kenneth GH Baldwin, Chaired Australia, climate change and COVID-19, The Australia Crawford Leadership Forum, 23 - 25 June 2020.
  7. Kenneth GH Baldwin, Future Proofing Australia's Export Economy. Renewable Energy: 2000% renewables; All Energy Conference, 8 October 2020.
  8. Kenneth GH Baldwin, Future-proofing Australia's resource exports in a decarbonising world, Renewables and Resources conference, Perth, 4 March 2020.
  9. Fiona J. Beck, Large scale hydrogen production: opportunities and challenges, ATSE-NAEK Hydrogen Futures Workshop, Melbourne, 3 March 2020.
  10. Fiona J. Beck, The Hydrogen Transition Pathway, Webinar hosted by the Smart Energy Council, 11 March 2020.
  11. Andrew Blakers, How efficient can big solar be?, Renew Economy Webinar, 19 August 2020. 
  12. Paul J. Burke, Asian Economic Policy Review Conference, 28 March 2020.
  13. Paul J. Burke, National Economics University, Hanoi, 7 February 2020.
  14. Paul J. Burke, Greening Asia's economic development, Arndt Corden Department of Economics Seminar Series, 17 March 2020.
  15. Wenting Cheng, Governing cross-border clean technology dissemination: Three scenarios 19 May 2020.
  16. Thang N. Do, Underlying Drivers and Barriers for Solar Photovoltaics Diffusion in Energy Transition Latecomers: The Case of Vietnam, IAEE 2020 Conference Auckland New Zealand, 12 - 15 February 2020. 
  17. Thang N. Do, Governing Cross-Border Electricity Trade in The Asia-Pacific, IAEE 2020 Conference Auckland New Zealand, 12 - 15 February 2020.
  18. Thang N. Do, Preliminary findings on drivers and barriers for solar PV boom, Seminar at Vietnam Institute for Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment, Hanoi Vietnam, 3 October 2020.
  19. Penelope Howarth, Chaired Ammonia Energy: Hydrogen's Dark Horse webinar panel, All-Energy Conference, 21 October 2020.
  20. Janet Hunt, Brad Riley, Lily O'Neill, & Ganur Maynard, Capabilities for a just Transition to renewable energy: Aboriginal people in north-western Australia, Human Development and Capabilities Association Conference, Auckland NZ, 30 June - 2 July 2020.
  21. Frank Jotzo, The economics of hydrogen in the global energy transition, 25th Annual Conference of the European Association Environmental and Resource Economists, 2 July 2020.
  22. Thomas Longden, Analysis of the Australian Hydrogen Strategy, Energy Policy Dialogue 2020, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Australia webinar, 28 July 2020. 
  23. Thomas Longden, Economics of exporting renewable energy from Australia to Asia using hydrogen, Energy in Transition, 7th International Association for Energy Economics Asian Conference, 12-15 February 2020.
  24. Thomas Longden, Panelist at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Energy Policy Dialogue 2020 - The Hydrogen Economy: Prospects for a German-Australian Collaboration, 14 October 2020.
  25. Bin Lu, Ultra-high voltage direct current transmission, 4th Pumped Hydro & Battery Storage Conference, 25 February 2020.
  26. Bin Lu, Far North Queensland connection, Australian National University 100% Renewable Futures Workshop, 18 February 2020.
  27. Bin Lu, Public lecture Imagining Australia with 100% renewable energy: how do we get there?, 17 February 2020.
  28. James Prest, Legal and Policy Issues in Three National Hydrogen Strategies {Australia, EU, Germany}, a paper presented to Climate change law and policy in the Asia-Pacific 2020: Subnational Climate Change Action in the Asia-Pacific, online conference at Meiji University, Tokyo (led by Prof. Yuichiro Tsuji), 11 September 2020. 
  29. James Prest, Regulation of Cyanide and Mercury in Gold Mining in Australia invited presentation to I Congreso Internacional de Derecho para la Minería del IADEM, (International Congress of Law for Mining of the Argentinian Institute of Mining Law (IADEM: Instituto Argentino de Derecho Para La Mineria)  Buenos Aires, Argentina, (by Zoom videolink), (by invitation of Leonardo G. Rodriguez, Partner, Marval O'Farrell Mairal (law firm) and Noel Campbell, Associate Director, Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies, ANU). 27 October 2020.
  30. James Prest, Legal innovation for Renewable Gas in the Clean Energy Transition, Invited keynote to Plenary Session at 4th International scientific & practical conference: the Kolbasov Readings, at Law School, Russian State University of Justice, Moscow, "Environmental and urban development paradigms of modern society". Paper with translation assistance. 25 February 2020.
  31. James Prest, Recent Litigation over Renewable Energy Developments in Australia,  Invited Paper to one day Seminar 'Are Climate Impacts Environmental Impacts? Court Review of Complex Environmental Knowledge and Impacts'  in response to paper by NSW Land & Environment Court Chief Justice Brian Preston SC, University of Helsinki, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, 26 February 2020.  
  32. James Prest, Legal innovation for Renewable Gas in the Clean Energy Transition, the 6th Annual Energy Transitions Conference, University of Eastern Finland Law School and UEF Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL), Joensuu, 27 February 2020. 
  33. John Pye, Green Steel and the future of the Illawarra, Lock the Gate Alliance webinar, 29 Oct 2020.
  34. John Pye, A China-Australia green steel industry?, Second International Forum on Zero Carbon High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP-2), Adelaide, 17 Mar 2020.
  35. John Pye, Mahesh Venkataraman, & Alireza Rahbari, Exporting of metals rather than metal oxides, Australian National University 100% Renewable Futures Workshop, 19 Feb 2020.
  36. Matthew Stocks, Renewable electricity as an enabler of urban decarbonisation, 47th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference PVSC 47 Virtual Meeting, 15 Jun - 21 Aug 2020.
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