Grand Challenge Working Papers


  1. Do TN & Burke PJ 2021, Carbon pricing in Vietnam: Options for adoption (ZCWP06-21) (PDF, 486.56 KB)
  2. Longden T, Jotzo F, Löschel A 2021, Conditions for low cost green hydrogen production - mapping cost competitiveness with reduced-form marginal effect relationships (ZCWP05-21) (PDF, 2.68 MB)
  3. Reeve A, Aisbett E 2021, Making the numbers count: can national carbon accounting systems support effective trade-related climate policies? (ZCWP04-21) (PDF, 526.92 KB)
  4. Fazeli R, Beck F, Stocks M 2021, Recognizing the role of uncertainties in the transition to renewable hydrogen (ZCWP03-21) (PDF, 479.12 KB)
  5. Longden T, Beck F, Jotzo F, Andrews R, Prasad M 2021, Clean Hydrogen? An analysis of the emissions and cost of fossil fuel based versus renewable energy based hydrogen, (ZCWP02-21) (PDF, 1.89 MB)
  6. Aisbett E, Cheng W, Beck F, March 2021, Green Industrial Policy and Technology Neutrality: Odd Couple or Unholy Marriage? (ZCWP01-21) (PDF, 479.12 KB)


  1. White L, Hughes L, Lyons M, Peng Y, Nov 2020, Politics and Policy Mixes: The Australian Capital Territory experiment in innovation co-benefits (ZCWP05-20) (PDF, 421.32 KB)
  2. Stocks M, Fazeli R, Hughes L, Beck F, Nov 2020, Global Emissions implications from co-burning ammonia in coal fired power stations: an analysis of the Japan-Australia supply chain (ZCWP04-20) (PDF, 692 KB)
  3. Longden T, Jotzo F, Prasad M, Andrews R, Aug 2020, Green hydrogen production costs in Australia: implications of renewable energy and electrolyser costs (ZCWP03-20) (PDF, 998.05 KB)
  4. Do TN, Burke P, Baldwin K, Nguyen CT, Mar 2020, Underlying drivers and barriers for solar photovoltaics diffusion: The case of Vietnam (ZCWP02-20) (PDF, 977.97 KB)
  5. Venkataraman M, Csereklyei Z, Aisbett E, Rahbari A, Jotzo F, Lord M, Pye J, Dec 2019, Zero Carbon steel-making: The opportunities and role of Australia in nurturing a 'green steel' industry (ZCWP01-20) (PDF, 896.54 KB)



  1. Beck F, Bridges T, Purchase R, Venkataraman M, Apr 2019, Australia's future as a zero-carbon energy exporter: An analysis of the recent reports on Australian hydrogen for export (ZCWP03-19) (PDF, 536.92 KB)
  2. Thorburn K, O'Neil L, Hunt J, Apr 2019, Renewable energy projects on the Indigenous estate: identifying risks and opportunities of utility-scale and dispersed models (ZCWP02-19) (PDF, 911.95 KB)
  3. Aisbett E, Prest J, Soutter G, Widnyana J, Feb 2019, Public international economic law and private involvement in renewable energy trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific (ZCWP01-19) (PDF, 854.63 KB)
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