Research outputs

Grand Challenge Papers

Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific (ZCEAP) Grand Challenge Papers are original research, arising from collaborative processes across the breadth of the team. As such they exemplify the cross-disciplinary excellence which underpins the ZCEAP Grand Challenge.

Toward emissions certification systems for international trade in hydrogen: The policy challenge of definining boundaries for emissions accounting, GCP02-20

Underlying drivers and barriers for solar photovoltaics diffusion: The case of Vietnam, GCP01-20

Retrospective and prospective of the hydrogen supply chain: a longitudinal techno-historical analysis, GCP02-19

Narrative summary: (7 pages)

Overcoming barriers to solar and wind energy adoption in two Asian giants: India and Indonesia, GCP01-19




ZCEAP Working Papers

ZCEAP Working Papers are original research completed by members of the ZCEAP Grand Challenge Team. ZCEAP Working Papers may be written by individuals or small groups of team-members from a narrower disciplinary base.

Fazeli R, Beck F, Stocks M 2021, Recognizing the role of uncertainties in the transition to renewable hydrogen (ZCWP03-21)


Longden T, Beck F, Jotzo F, Andrews R, Prasad M 2021, Clean Hydrogen? An analysis of the emissions and cost of fossil fuel based versus renewable energy based hydrogen, (ZCWP02-21)


Aisbett E, Cheng W, Beck F, March 2021, Green Industrial Policy and Technology Neutrality: Odd Couple or Unholy Marriage?


White L, Hughes L, Lyons M, Peng Y, Nov 2020, Politics and Policy Mixes: The Australian Capital Territory experiment in innovation co-benefits (ZCWP05-20)


Stocks M, Fazeli R, Hughes L, Beck F, Nov 2020, Global Emissions implications from co-burning ammonia in coal fired power stations: an analysis of the Japan-Australia supply chain (ZCWP04-20)


Longden T, Jotzo F, Prasad M, Andrews R, Aug 2020, Green hydrogen production costs in Australia: implications of renewable energy and electrolyser costs (ZCWP03-20)


Do TN, Burke P, Baldwin K, Nguyen CT, Mar 2020, Underlying drivers and barriers for solar photovoltaics diffusion: The case of Vietnam (ZCWP02-20)


Venkataraman M, Csereklyei Z, Aisbett E, Rahbari A, Jotzo F, Lord M, Pye J, Dec 2019, Zero Carbon steel-making: The opportunities and role of Australia in nurturing a 'green steel' industry (ZCWP01-20)


Aisbett E, Prest J, Soutter G, Widnyana J, Feb 2019, Public international economic law and private involvement in renewable energy trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific (ZCWP01-19)


Thorburn K, O'Neil L, Hunt J, Apr 2019, Renewable energy projects on the Indigenous estate: identifying risks and opportunities of utility-scale and dispersed models (ZCWP02-19)


Beck F, Bridges T, Purchase R, Venkataraman M, Apr 2019, Australia's future as a zero-carbon energy exporter: An analysis of the recent reports on Australian hydrogen for export (ZCWP03-19)


Policy Briefs and Submissions

ZCEAP Policy Briefs and Submissions are papers that can inform government policy, or are submissions to government or parliamentary inquiries.

Submission on the Australian Government's Review of Australia's Bilateral Investment Treaties, Sept. 2020

An analysis on the Australian Hydrogen Strategy for Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Australia), August 2020

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Trade & Investment Growth, August 2020

Submission on the Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper, July 2020

Hydrogen Certification Survey (Department of Industry, Science, Resources and Energy), June 2020

Draft 2020 Integrated System Plan for the National Electricity Market (NEM), February 2020

Senate Select Committee on the effectiveness of the Australian Government's Northern Australia agenda - September 2019

Inquiry into jobs for the future in regional areas - September 2019

ECI Submission to National Hydrogen Strategy Issues Papers - July 2019

ECI Submission to National Hydrogen Strategy Discussion Paper - March 2019


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