talking tech policy podcast

"How do we ensure technology makes our lives better?" - Johanna Weaver, Director of the Tech Policy Design Centre.

The talking tech policy podcast explores how technology impacts our lives: the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

Technology is made by humans. When we refocus on this foundational truth, it opens the possibility that technology can be made differently.

Questions about how we might shape technology differently are not just “technical” questions. The answers to these questions go to the very core of the fabric our societies.

Just as there is a variety of diverse voices involved in the development of health policy, or national security policy, we need more people to actively engage in tech policy discussions.

Through interviews with the movers and shapers, and analysis by experts and opinionated guests, this podcast will empower you to participate in policy discussions to shape the technologies that will shape our future.

You can listen to the Talking Tech Policy podcast on Apple Podcasts or in most podcast directories and apps.