Research Programs

Our Health in Our Hands will deliver outcomes through four key programs of research.

These programs interact to form an integrated approach to the development of new and innovative approaches to diagnosis and health monitoring.

Program 1: Genomics & bioinformatics

This program will characterise genomic variation to identify disease pathways. Once validated by mechanistic studies, these pathways will be used to stratify patients for precision treatments. Such discoveries should improve outcomes for individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

Program 2: Big data

Combined effectively, machine learning, and cybersecurity are the keys to objectively revealing early indicators of chronic diseases and their progression, whilst ensuring privacy for individuals and healthcare professionals. Analysis of large quantities of data captured by genomics, new sensors, and wearable technologies hold the potential for the introduction of affordable, scalable, patient-friendly diagnostic and monitoring systems. We combine innovative approaches to data analytics with the  design of new solutions to safeguard the personal health information associated with a new generation of medical devices.

Program 3: Biomarker discovery & monitoring devices

This program centres on the evaluation, validation and selection of biomarkers, and the design of miniaturized analytical devices for their facile and frequent monitoring. Biomarkers are molecules, genes or detectable characteristics, which indicate a disease or pathological process. Our team includes molecular biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers who work together to enable the development of new medical diagnostics devices for the detection of existing and novel biomarkers with the aim of improving the efficiency of medical treatments and the quality of life of patients, as well as our understanding of diseases and their development..

Program 4: Health experience & implementation

Our Health in Our Hands aims to embed a community of people with MS and Type 1 diabetes, their carers and health care providers into the project. Their day to day experiences and concerns are integral to the way they manage their health conditions and are therefore central to our research. Individuals living with these chronic diseases are therefore part of our research team and partners in what we do from beginning to end - from co-designing research to testing and implementing prototype products and  solutions.

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