2020 OHIOH Symposium: PhD Poster Presentations

The OHIOH PhD students are extremely excited to present their latest cutting edge research. Please feel free to look at the posters and abstracts. The students will also be presenting a 3 minute pitch on the second day of the OHIOH Symposium (27th of November) where there will be opportunities to ask them questions. You can also email them directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss possible collaborations. Looking forward to continued engagements!


Alexander Kiy

Design of a novel electrochemical solid state nanopore sensor for medical applications

Alishba John

Hierarchical metal oxide/metal organic framework morphology for chemiresistive gas sensing

Chirath Hettiarachchi

Controlling Artificial Pancreas Systems through Machine Learning



Himadri Shekhar Mondala

Optical detection of Glycated Albumin



Li’an Chen

A machine-learning based model to identify PhD-level skills in job ads 

Ran Cui

Deep Sequence Modelling Algorithms on Type 1 Diabetes Management Data               


Rifat Aoni

Dielectric Huygens Metagrating-Based Optical Biosensor


Robin Vlieger

Postural sway and the contingent negative variation as objective measures of disease status in Parkinson’s disease

Sandaru Seneviratne

Access to Readable  & Understandable Diabetes Content for Diabetes Management in a School Setting


Shankar Dutt

Versatile nano‑porous silicon dioxide membranes: fabrication,  characterisation and application


Shiyu Wei

InP nanowire arrays for gas sensing applications

Shridar Manjunath

Biosensing with high Q-factor dielectric metasurfaces


Uthayasuriya Sundaramoorthy

A Biosensor for the Personalized Health Care of Diabetes


Monalisha Ghosh Dastidar

Nano-structuring of Carbon Electrodes for developing an Electrochemical Aptasensor

Zain Ul Abideen

Development of an Array of Chemiresistive Sensors for Early Detection of Diseases through Breath Analysis

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