If you're an Australian citizen undertaking an undergraduate degree at the ANU or another tertiary institution in Australia and have an interest in learning more about research and careers in national security, we have a range of programs that allow you to work with ASD project mentors and ANU academics to explore research projects with real world applications. 

What should I study as an Undergrad?

We encourage students to study a broad range of subjects - employees at ASD have a wide range of backgrounds including linguistics, psychology and statistics. There are a couple of suggestions listed below (including some courses for postgrads), but if you're really passionate about pursuing something of interest to ASD and the Co-Lab, and you'd like to know more, just get in touch. We're happy to chat with you about courses aligned with our program.

MATH1005 - Discrete Mathematical Models

MATH2322 - Advanced Algebra 1: Groups, Rings and Advanced Linear Algebra

MATH3301 - Number Theory and Cryptography

Computing courses of interest include:

COMP3703 - Software Security (Semester One)

COMP3704 - Software Security (Semester Two)

COMP4880 - Computational Methods for Network Science

COMP6301 - Computing Foundations for Cyber Security (Postgrad)

COMP2700 - Cyber Security Foundations

COMP3610 - Principles of Programming Languages

Engineering courses of interest include:

ENGN3226 - Digital Communications

ENGN6537 - Digital Signals Processing (Postgrad)

ENGN8535 - Engineering Data Analytics (Postgrad)

Some other courses to consider:

LAWS8485 - Australian National Security Law (Postgrad)

LING6032 - Forensic Linguistics: Forensic Voice and Test Comparison (Postgrad)

NSPO8030 - Coercion and National Security (Postgrad)

INFS2024 - Information Systems Analysis

EMSC8023 - Data Science (Postgrad)


There are a variety of internship opportunities for current ANU students to apply technical skills and build professional skills, with work forming an assessable part of your degree. Our internship programs allow you to work on real problems with an ASD mentor and are open to Masters, penultimate and final year undergraduate students and provide valuable work experience that helps with future job prospects. 

Summer Research Scholarships

Summer Research Scholarships are designed for talented students from ANU and other tertiary institutions considering undertaking postgraduate research in the future. They provide an excellent opportunity to carry out real world research under the supervision of ANU researchers and an ASD mentor utilising facilities and materials not found elsewhere. Please follow the links below for more information, we look forward to welcoming you to campus in 2021/2022.

ASD Cadetships and internships

ASD supports its own cadetship and internship programs. These programs have a more applied focus, and will allow you to gain experience in different areas within the organisation. Current ANU students should also check out our Co-Lab networking opportunities

Are you out-of-the-box thinker and want a challenge?


"I really love mathematics and wanted a career solving complex mathematical problems and applying the solutions to real life problems, so in my summer research project, I got to build programs to identify bugs in cyber-security systems to make cyber infrastructure less vulnerable.

From there I joined the ANU MPhil program, a unique program which allowed me to work with some independence on a research topic and write a thesis. If you are interested in STEM, I encourage you to seek out opportunities with the Co-Lab. You will not regret it."

Summer Research Scholar 2019

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