Honours and Postgraduate Research

Why study with us?

  • Work on a topic of national importance
  • Learn from the best of academia and government through your ANU supervisor and ASD mentor
  • Network with other students and ASD employees - both in regards to your project and future personal career development.

Co-Lab offers funding for research projects at the Honours, Masters,  MPhil, and PhD levels. These research projects may come from anywhere in the university, comprising computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics and linguistics. However Co-Lab projects will typically align with one of these broad areas:

  • Vulnerability Research
  • Data Science
  • Psychology
  • Cryptography
  • Secure Systems
  • Number theory
  • Statistics
  • Computational linguistics

Our honours students are mentored by ASD technical experts alongside ANU academic supervisors. This allows like minded students to meet and discuss their projects with mentors and academics.

In 2021, our student mentoring groups are organised in three main topics: 

Social Networks: 

We live in a rapidly changing, hyper-connected world of online social networks. Grappling with questions about truth and influence, the group considers where our existing concepts of society can be applied, and where new understanding must be invented. The groups interests span sociology, psychology, and computer science.

Vulnerability Research:

How can we can leverage powerful computers to automatically find software and network vulnerabilities open to exploitation by our adversaries? This group examines state-of-the-art techniques and technologies for analysing software, systems, and communication protocols. The group has interests covering cryptography, software security, automated reasoning, and high-performance computing.

Audio Noise:

Focused on Engineering, this group explores processing of undesirable source signals in noisy voice recordings, using advanced audio noise characterisation and filtration for accelerated Automated Speech Recognition.

You don't have to already be studying at ANU to undertake honours or postgraduate research with us. You will need to have identified a supervisor (but not necessarily a project) to be considered for Co-Lab funding. Your supervisor does not need to have worked with us before - we like meeting new people!

If you're interested in advancing Australia's national interests and working on research with real-world impact, email us today at co-lab@anu.edu.au

Thinking of Honours at the Co-Lab?


"In my honours project, I drew on expertise from different areas - computer science, computational linguistics and psychology, and this was possible thanks to the connections that the Co-Lab has established with academics, researchers and experts in those areas.


The emphasis on collaboration has been so positive, and it has also provided me with insights on what a job in Defence would be like in the future."

Honours student 2020