We want Co-Lab to be the place where future generations of STEM-skilled Australian students start their academic and professional careers. That pathway might start in high school or at the undergraduate level, or simply through meeting people studying or working in areas you never even knew existed.  Our long-term vision and commitment is to identify and foster talented students by connecting the academic and technical expertise needed to realise academic and career goals.

Co-Lab values equity and diversity and is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all students. We demonstrate this commitment via participation in a range of programs targeting underrepresented groups. As an example, Co-Lab ran a series of workshops for high school girls interested in STEM as part of the Curious Minds coaching program.

Co-Lab supports Australian citizen students through our programs. If you're studying or researching with us, we'll sponsor you to obtain an Australian Government Baseline Security Clearance.

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ASD Code Breaker

At ASD, we are looking for people with curious and creative minds, who will bring new ideas and skills to our organisation. If you like decoding hidden messages and cracking codes, try this fun game that will test your problem solving skills.

ASD Code Breaker

Ever wondered what a career at ASD might look like?

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