As a vital member of Australia's national security community, the Australian Signals Directorate works across the full spectrum of operations in contemporary signals intelligence and security agencies: intelligence, cyber security and offensive operations, in support of the Australian Government and Australian Defence Forces (ADF). This includes the ability to:

  • Inform (through foreign signals intelligence);
  • Protect (against cyber security risks); and
  • Disrupt (through cyber operations to support military operations, law enforcement and response to cyber incidents).

Within our unique partnership, ASD and ANU researchers collaborate in many areas to support these operational requirements, including through joint projects in:

  • Vulnerability research
  • Data science
  • Psychology
  • Cryptography
  • Secure systems
  • Number theory
  • Statistics
  • Linguistics 

The ASD - ANU Co-Lab currently collaborates with the following ANU researchers:

ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

ANU College of Science

ANU College of Business and Economics

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Could your research enhance our national security operations? We'd love to hear about your project ideas and how they align with ASD operations. Contact us at

Calling all puzzle fans: do you have what it takes to work in Cryptology?


You have to have a certain intellectual curiosity to not just understand what you’re told but to have a desire to push yourself beyond that to some deeper abstract level.”

Read more about how ANU academics and research students work together with ASD staff on national security problems.  

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