In 2019, a unique partnership between ASD and ANU was formed to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and cutting-edge expertise with joint collaboration activities.

The goals of our partnership are:

  • Promote research collaboration in areas of mutual interest to ASD and ANU
  • Facilitate education and training activities and opportunities for ASD staff and ANU students
  • Identify and foster talented students working in areas related to ASD
  • Provide a focal point and meeting place for STEM outreach initiatives to grow Australia's STEM pool.

Introducing the Co-Lab team

In addition to academics and technologists from diverse backgrounds, the Co-Lab team includes professional staff from both ASD and ANU.

Strategic Relationship Manager


Jan Shaddock is the Co-lab Strategic Relationship Manager. She is a project and program manager with experience in higher education fundraising, relationship management and research management. 


Co-Lab Program Manager


Sharon Barnett is the Co-Lab Program Manager. She works to promote ASD’s interests within the Co-Lab partnership. She is a program manager with experience in  communications, change management and relationship management.

Director of Research


Dirk Pattinson is the Co-Lab Director of Research. He is a mathematician turned computer scientist. His research interests are Logic, Category Theory and Artificial Intelligence. 

Communications and Outreach Coordinator


Macarena Rojas is the Co-Lab Communications and Outreach Coordinator. She is an experienced marketing and communications professional with a passion for STEM Outreach. 

Co-Lab Education Outreach Fellow


Josh Milthorpe is a lecturer and Research Fellow at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science. His mission is to develop the tools and techniques that computational scientists use to understand the world. He is also the convenor of the Canberra Computer Science Enrichment Program. 

Assistant Director


David is the Co-Lab Assistant Director. He works to convey ASD's interests to ANU students and academics any way he can. When he isn't at the Co-Lab (and sometimes when he is) he's playing boardgames and making logic puzzles.  

Business Manager


Vi Le is the Co-Lab Business Manager. She manages the day to day operations at the Co-Lab, including access to the facility and security clearance for staff and students involved in the ASD-ANU collaboration.

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