A strategic partnership between ASD and ANU.

The ASD - ANU Co-Lab brings together researchers, academics and technical leaders to solve national security challenges and nurture Australian talent.

ASD-ANU Co-Lab launches new grant program for Honours students


The ASD-ANU Co-lab is proud to launch the first round of the Co-Lab Honours Grant, a unique program designed to accelerate career opportunities and provide highly skilled graduates to meet ASD’s growing workforce requirements.

Access $8,000 in funding, and participate in bespoke training courses. Network with students, professionals and researchers interested in national intelligence and security.

Applications are now closed. 
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Co-Lab is a 15-year partnership between the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the Australian National University (ANU). Based at ANU, in a state-of-the-art purpose-built unclassified facility, this unique partnership brings together leading ANU academics and some of ASD’s foremost analysts and technologists to collaborate on a program which puts Australia’s national security at its centre.

Co-Lab unites problem solvers from a variety of disciplines to share in collaborative research projects and provides a pathway for students interested in pursuing a career with ASD and other STEM-related fields. The program of activities focuses on areas such as cryptography, computational linguistics, secure communications, computing, cyber security, psychology and vulnerability research.

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