Our strategy

We are working across different themes to develop strategies that will ensure the University can meet its ambitious emission targets. These strategies are being continually adapted and updated. 

Our initial focus is on: 

  • Monitoring and measuring our emissions: Developing and communicating a comprehensive, clear and transparent inventory of the University's greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy: Reducing our emissions from energy use, including by: transitioning away from natural gas; investigating ways to generate renewable electricity on ANU campuses outside the ACT as a first priority and within the ACT as a secondary priority; and transitioning our fleets to electric vehicles. 
  • Business travel: Reducing emissions from business travel by: making the emissions impacts of travel transparent in the University's travel processes; developing practical guidelines for ANU staff and students on how to reduce travel emissions; and providing case studies and guidelines on virtual conferencing and events. After consultation with staff and students from across the University in 2021, we have developed a voluntary pilot program to assist individuals in considering their greenhouse gas footprint while making travel plans.  
  • Carbon sequestration: Developing and researching approaches to actively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Currently, there is a dearth of research on best-practice approaches that can meet land-based carbon sequestration and address other goals concurrently. These approaches could have co-benefits around biodiversity, agricultural production, water resource management, indigenous livelihoods and cultural practices and the governance arrangements needed to support good decision-making. The University is establishing a research and education network focused on building capacity around land management for carbon sequestration. We are pursuing funding opportunities and partnerships in this field, including with Indigenous communities.
  • Behavioural change: Developing and implementing behavioural change programs to encourage more climate-friendly practices by students and staff.   
  • Research and teaching: We are working with students, researchers and lecturers from across ANU to integrate Below Zero Initiative projects into research and teaching (see Get Involved).



Race to Zero Campaign for Universities and Colleges

Official Race to Zero Signatory

The Australian National University (ANU) has joined a leading coalition of cities, regions, businesses, investors, universities and further education institutions around the world who have committed to meeting the Paris climate goals, by joining the global Race to Zero Climate Campaign.

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