Real-time aberration correction in laser scanning systems

ANU researchers have developed an adaptive optics solution for laser scanning systems that provides rapid removal of up to 50 aberrations across the field of view in milliseconds.  This produces diffraction limited performance across the millimetre scale in three dimensions.  The system can be retrofitted to any laser scanning device with the utility demonstrated in a laser scanning microscope.

Potential benefits

  • Affordable - the system is based on a low resolution deformable mirror combined with a triple laser scanning mirror
  • Improved optical performance - recovery of up to 100% point spread function across the entire field of view
  • High throughput - increased imaging throughput by up to 2.3 fold relative to conventional systems
  • Versatile - can be retrofitted to any laser scanning system

Potential applications

  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • Laser writing applications i.e. laser lithography, laser engraving
  • Laser range finding


ANU is seeking licensees for this technology.

IP status

Provisional patent filed (AU2019904929; priority date 24 Dec 2019).

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