ANU Industry Expert Network

At ANU, we are continually engaging with industry to ensure our innovations continue to address the challenges facing business, society and the world today. As experts in your sectors, we recognise your specialist expertise and insights, as well as your passion for innovation.

This is why we've created the ANU Industry Expert Network, which identifies expert representatives from startups, SMES, multinational companies, government bodies, NFPs, and more, from a wide range of sectors, to gain early access to new technologies and opportunities from ANU relevant to their own areas of interest and business objectives.

By joining the ANU Industry Expert Network, you can:

  • Be the first to learn about new technologies that may enhance your organisation's competitive edge
  • Provide feedback at the ground level to help shape innovations towards your specific business needs
  • Be notified of new partnering or licensing opportunities relevant to your organisation
  • Gain access to world-class researchers and research capabilities

To learn more about the network, and how your organisation can get involved, email Vicki Stanley, Innovation ANU at