Our Health in Our Hands: MS Research Update

14 August 2019

The Our Health in Our Hands (OHIOH) MS research team is working together to establish an ACT MS cohort and identify the needs and opportunities in the field.

With multiple projects in literature and data analyses, focus groups with people living with MS, as well as continuing studies on novel and predicted biomarkers and detection measures, we are bringing together researchers and clinicians across scientific areas with people living with the condition.

Our next free public event featuring OHIOHs progress is the Canberra MS Symposium 2019 on Oct 29 at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU. This event will focus on personalised and integrated management of MS and we are happy to announce that we secured an international keynote speaker on that topic. More information including registration about the Symposium can be found on Eventbrite here.

For more information about OHIOH, visit the website.

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