IACT 2012 winners

10 December 2012

InnovationACT (IACT) closed for 2012 with a well-attended awards ceremony at Parliament House on the evening of Friday 7 December.  Over the past few months, participants have worked hard at learning innovation and entrepreneurial skills, and with the guidance of experienced mentors from the business community, have applied concepts learnt to  generate a viable business idea with its associated business plan.

We had a large number of high quality submissions and the panel of judges had a tough time choosing winners.  We think that everyone who has had the stamina and passion to get through the program and deliver a business plan deserves to be commended for their dedication.  After all, that is one of the essential traits of an entrepreneur: tenacity.

Award winners for 2012:

  • Major award: PotatOS
  • Runner up award: Esport Trading Cards
  • Undergraduate award: Laminr: Kitchen Agent
  • ACT Government award: Feedback Loop

We announced a few months ago that IACT won two Business/Higher Education Round Table (B-HERT) awards.  There was a cash component to that and we are pleased to announce that we are using the money to help aspiring IACT entrepreneurs take their ideas further by sponsoring their access to a new co-working space named Entry 29 which is being set-up from community efforts with industry partners.

IACT Entry 29 award winners:

  • PotatOS
  • Esport Trading Cards
  • Laminr: Kitchen Agent
  • Feedback Loop
  • Story Pieces
  • Singularity Apps
  • Polycademy
  • A-Choice

Congratulations to all IACT 2012 award winners!

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