A wireless world

Nanotechnology for optical communication systems

We are working with semiconductor nanowires - these nanowires are the key building blocks for the next generation of electronics and photonics. - Professor Chennupati Jagadish, Laureate Fellow and Distinguished Professor

Professor Chennupati Jagadish is a hard man to pigeonhole; his approaches to problems come from many directions. He is not a materials scientist or an engineer or a physicist. But while none of these labels fits particularly well, each accounts for an aspect of his expertise.

This flexible and innovative approach to science is helping Jagadish and his team of researchers work on the next generation of electronics. Talk in computing circles is of a world of superfast computers, where information moves at the speed of light, unencumbered by wires. Jagadish and his team are developing the tiny nanowire-based lasers that are key to this process and the smallest in the world. Their work is at the cutting edge of nanotechnology for use in optical communications systems.

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