Professor Leszek Buszynski

National Security College, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
School of Political, International and Strategic Studies
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Professor Leszek Buszynski is a visiting fellow and PhD supervisor with the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre. His current research activity includes the South China Sea, which he has been examining over the past 20 years and has seen develop into a potential crisis point for US-China relations.

He is an expert in Asia Pacific security, which includes the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula and North Korea's nuclear ambitions, as well as the broader issue of Sino American rivalry. His latest book publication is Negotiating with North Korea: The Six Party Talks and the Nuclear Issue. He co-edited The South China Sea Maritime Dispute: Political, Legal and Regional Perspectives and is working on an update.

Key interests

Asia Pacific Security, South China Sea, Korean Peninsula, Japan

Asia (North) - China
Asia (North) - Japan
Asia (North) - Korea