Professor Ken Baldwin

Director, ANU Energy Change Institute
Deputy Director, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
ANU College of Science

Professor Ken Baldwin is the Director of the Energy Change Institute at the ANU, and Deputy Director of the Research School of Physics and Engineering.  His research expertise includes energy, lasers, atom optics, quantum physics and national science and energy policy. 

Ken's research is on developing new laser technologies to determine, for example, how air molecules react to ultraviolet light, thereby enabling better understanding of energy balance and ozone formation in the earth's atmosphere. He also uses lasers to cool atoms to ultracold temperatures to study the quantum behaviour of matter.

He is an advocate for science communication particularly around physics, and was awarded a Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science for his role in initiating and championing "Science meets Parliament".

Key interests

Energy, lasers, atom optics, quantum physics and national science policy

Environment - Energy

Science - Physics
Science - Science Communication

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