Professor Eelco Rohling

Research School of Earth Sciences
ANU College of Science

climate and ocean change, sea level, past climate variations, climate sensitivity, monsoons, climate and archaeology

Environment - Climate Change

My news stories

Image: Les Haines, flickr.
23 January 2018
A new international study involving ANU has designed a new and simpler climate model that gives authorities a more precise...
Planktonic Foraminifera fossils, 0.3 mm across. Stuart Hay, ANU
9 February 2016
A huge reservoir of carbon developed in the deep Atlantic Ocean during the last ice age, research led by ANU Research School of...
Gianluca Marino and Katharine Grant load a sediment core into an x-ray fluorescence scanner.
11 June 2015
An international team of scientists has found a dramatic ice sheet collapse at the end of the ice age before last caused...