Professor David Lindenmayer

ARC Laureate Fellow
Fenner School of Environment and Society
ANU College of Health & Medicine

Wildlife conservation, Australian mammals, conservation biology, forestry, the ecology of Australian forests, logging impacts on conservation values, plantation forests, biodiversity loss, woodland ecology, grazing management, landscape restoration

Environment - Biodiversity
Environment - Forestry

My news stories

A close-up of a Phayre's leaf monkey sitting on a tree branch.
10 March 2022
Newly discovered species are at a higher risk of extinction than those first described long ago, according to a new study...
2 September 2021
Decaying wood releases around 10.9 gigatons of carbon worldwide every year, according to a new study by an international team of...
Image of Tyers River surrounded by trees.
31 August 2021
Ancient rainforests that sustained our First Nations peoples, trees the height of 25-storey buildings and gliding marsupials...
5 April 2019
Internationally recognised ANU ecologist and conservation biologist Professor David Lindenmayer has been elected as a Fellow into...
Goniurosaurus luii. Image: Carola Jucknies.
26 May 2017
Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) are calling for location data to be withheld from research publications...
Leadbeater's Possum. Image: Dave Harley, ANU.
1 February 2017
Victoria's faunal emblem the Leadbeater's Possum and other species will become extinct within about 30 years unless clear-fell...
Taggerty River in Victoria's Central Highlands. Picture by Dave Blair.
21 June 2016
Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have found the current management practices in the Mountain Ash forests...
Southeast forests, NSW, Image Pete the Poet on
30 June 2015
A new study published today in Nature Climate Change has found analyses of carbon emissions may be misleading as they failed to...
Leadbeater's possum. Image Takver on Flickr
8 April 2015
Preventing Australia's biodiversity from collapsing needs long-term science-based programs that are more complex than just...