Professor Bob Gregory

Research School of Economics
ANU College of Business & Economics

Professor Bob Gregory is Emeritus Professor in the Research School of Social Sciences and a former member of the Reserve Bank of Australia Board. He has been closely involved in Australian economic policy development and particularly labour markets. His research has focussed on economic development and growth, comparative economy systems and welfare economics. He has a particular interest in wage inequality, international comparison of wages and employment and unemployment.

Bob has advised successive Federal Governments on key matters, including as principal consultant in a series of Aged Care Reviews for the Department of Community Services and Health in the 1990s.

He has been Editor of the Economic Record, the leading Australian economics journal, as well as serving on Editorial Boards of numerous international journals.

Bob holds a PhD from the London School of Economics.

Key Interests

Macroeconomic performance, unemployment, wage inequality, international comparison of wages and employment, welfare reform and the labour market

Economics - Employment/Labour
Public Policy - Economic
Public Policy - Social