Ms Jennifer Jackett

Sir Roland Wilson PhD Scholar
National Security College
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Key Interests

  • US-China geopolitical competition in relation to technology including China's challenge to the US-led technology order
  • How the United States and its allies are approaching technology security issues like 5G security, industrial policy, and the steps towards a technology alliance
  • The security of critical and emerging technology like artificial intelligence, quantum computing etc.
  • The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (the Quad) between Australia, the US, Japan, and India and critical technology cooperation as part of the Quad specifically
  • AUKUS partnership in relation to high-tech/advanced capabilities cooperation (AI, quantum, cyber, undersea) i.e., non-submarine aspects
  • Australian national security policymaking processes/structures/priorities generally
  • How to think about complex policy making across security, economic, and social issues