Dr Sverre Molland

School of Archaeology & Anthropology
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Further details of expertise: Sverre Molland is an anthropologist. Initially trained in social anthropology at University of Oslo and Asian Studies in Australia, he worked for the United Nations Development Programme in the Mekong region (based in Laos) before returning to the social sciences. After completing his PhD and a postdoctorate in Anthropology at Macquarie University, Dr. Molland was in 2012 appointed lecturer in Anthropology (Development Studies) at the Australian National University, where he coordinates the Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development.

Dr. Molland has more than 10 years research and programme experience on human trafficking, development and mobility in the Mekong region. In his PhD fieldwork he carried out research on migration and sex commerce along the Lao-Thai border as well as various development organisations which implement anti-trafficking projects. His current research examines how "safe migration" has become an important modality of intervention amongst several aid programmes that work amongst migrant labourers in the Mekong region.