Welcoming alumni back to campus

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4 March 2019

The ANU campus is about to experience an influx of alumni with the first annual Welcome back: Alumni Weekend to be held during the last weekend of March.  

The prestigious Alumni Awards Gala Dinner, which recognises the achievements of our alumni community, will kick off an eventful weekend when alumni are also introduced to the exciting developments in the Kambri precinct.

Aside from the awards ceremony, weekend highlights include tours of Kambri and the Aboriginal Heritage Trail, as well as the launch of the ANU Women's Alumni Network.

This latest ANU alumni network is all about connecting, supporting and empowering women alumni of ANU.

Josephine Janssen says that she was inspired to establish the network along with Monica Dalton and Masaba Gofran after being involved in gender equality initiatives as a student with a community of passionate and inspiring women.

As a new graduate, she wanted to create a similar community for alumni.

"We believe that by empowering each other in our respective fields we can create a better and more equal society."

The Welcome Back: Alumni Weekend encourages alumni to maintain an ongoing relationship with ANU and share their ideas and feedback on how best to maintain a vibrant alumni community.