Update your signature block

14 April 2020

ANU uses a standard email signature for staff across campus. While we're working remotely, it's important to provide your updated contact details in your signature block. This includes your preference for being contacted via email, phone, Teams, Zoom or another platform; as well as your work hours which may have changed for carer or family responsibilities.

Signature image can be downloaded here through the ANU Identity Hub. 

Over the coming weeks we will also be releasing an editable signature block creative through Outfit. 


Standard example

Your name
Your position

Your specific section
Your School, Centre, Faculty, Division
Your College
Your building name, number and/or location
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2600

T +61 2 xxxx xxxx
F +61 2 xxxx xxxx
M xxxx xxx xxx

your email address xxxxxx@anu.edu.au
Zoom Personal Meeting ID: xxx-xxx-xxxx
[Optional] Working hours xxxxxxxxxxx
[Optional] your area URL xxxxxx 
[Optional. How would you prefer to be contacted?]

CRICOS Provider 00120C


  • The primary accepted font is Public Sans, with Arial an accepted alternative, at 10pt size, left-aligned.
  • Use black text only.
  • Your name should be bold with all other text unstyled.
  • Any other images (graphic, word art, clipart, background, animation or image) are not acceptable unless you have approval from the Director Marketing.
  • Do not use acronyms - people outside ANU may not know what they mean.
  • College names must start with 'ANU College of'.
  • The Australian National University must start with 'The'.
  • You should include the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) number at the bottom of your signature (e.g. CRICOS #00120C).
  • You may add other messages under your signature, such as disclaimers where necessary, links to webpages, upcoming events or brochures. Do not add non-ANU proprietary items such as 'Thoughts for the Day' or similar.