Update on the international pilot program

18 August 2020

Message from Professor Grady Venville, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to students who have expressed interest in the Safe Passage Student Return pilot program.

Dear students, 

Thank you for your expression of interest in the Safe Passage Student Return pilot program. I am writing to provide an update.  

Unfortunately, the pilot program has been delayed. This is very disappointing for our staff and students, but we will continue to work with the ACT Government on this program and we will let you know as soon as we do about when it might resume. As always, the safety and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority. 

We know that this may be a challenging time, but please be assured that regardless of whether you're studying remotely or in person with us, we're committed to supporting your studies and making sure you have the best learning experience possible. 

If you need support for your wellbeing or academic study, I encourage you to access the free support services available to our students. These services can be accessed remotely by email, videoconferencing or phone. 

If you have any questions about connecting to ANU and getting academic or wellbeing support, you can contact to our Student Central team by emailing student@anu.edu.au or visit our website

While it may not be as soon as we had hoped, we will continue to plan a safe return of our students.  

We are very proud of you for all that you have achieved this year, we miss you and we cannot wait to welcome you back on our campus. 


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)


*Email sent to students who have expressed interest in the Safe Passage Student Return pilot program*