Update on teaching and learning - SELT, grading, and more

6 April 2020

**This message is in relation to teaching and learning** 


Dear colleagues

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the huge effort in moving ANU to learning and teaching remotely.  What an incredible outcome, and I am sure you are all relieved that we are now in the mid-semester break!

I have a couple of updates on decisions that have been made recently to help staff and students in these challenging circumstances. In particular, please find below information about Semester 1 SELT, and a flexible approach to the grading system for students.

I also wanted to reassure you that planning ahead for Semester 2 and 2021. More information forthcoming.

I appreciate we have made a lot of changes to support students and staff.  Please refer to the ANU COVID-19 website for a comprehensive list of all the learning and teaching provisions and changes announced in executive communications.

Kind regards


Professor Grady Venville
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic


SELT student feedback survey

We will not run the regular SELT student feedback survey in Semester 1 2020 given the pandemic circumstances and rapid shift to remote learning and teaching. Rather, Planning and Performance Measurement (PPM) will develop and administer an enterprise-wide replacement survey so that students can provide feedback on their remote learning experience and how they coped.  The feedback will be helpful as we plan for Semester 2.

Grading system

Academic Board made a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor that we continue to use the standard mark and grade approach that we currently use. However, each student may request, in writing to the Registrar after the release of results, that their final grade for Semester 1, 2020, in one or more of their courses for the semester, be recorded on their transcript as either CRS (course requirements satisfied) or NCN (not completed/fail). The Vice-Chancellor has approved this recommendation and it will be widely communicated with students. 

Mid-year graduations

Mid-year graduations are postponed until the end of the 2020 academic year. Students may still graduate in-absentia.

University Medals

Consideration of University Medals is postponed until the end of the 2020 academic year consistent with the mid-year graduations.

Semester 2 timetable

Process and release is delayed pending further discussion about Semester 2.

Other matters already announced: