University’s best educators celebrated

25 May 2017

It takes knowledge, time, care and imagination to become a great teacher - all qualities ANU teachers possess in abundance.

The achievements of some of our finest educators, and their passion for student learning, were celebrated at the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence on Wednesday.

"These Awards are an opportunity for us to celebrate the exceptional teachers and educational innovators who make learning exciting for our students," said Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt.

"The legacy of teaching excellence goes well beyond the present, as teachers inspire, lead, motivate, encourage and assist the students of today to reach their potential."

Award-winners included Professor Emily Banks, who developed a supportive and innovative team to meet the challenges of supervision in large-scale epidemiology and public health research.

Applied criminologist Dr Jason Payne was recognised for his commitment to practice, both inside and outside the classroom, and his philosophy that genuine change in the Australian criminal justice system can only be achieved through the next generation.

Professor Michael Platow was also recognised for opening students' eyes to the concept of social identities and for recognising his pupils as co‐producers of knowledge as the next generation of psychologists.

Professor Schmidt said it was an honour to celebrate the many people across the University who contribute to improving the quality of our teaching.

"It is essential for any world-leading university to have excellent teachers and I'm so pleased these award-winners are helping to nurture the minds of the leaders and innovators of the future."


Full list of winners

Awards for Teaching Excellence

Professor Michael Platow - Research School of Psychology, CMBE.

Dr Jason Payne - Research School of Social Sciences, CASS

Dr Andrew Bradly - Research School of Management, CBE

Dr Huda Al-Tamimi - Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, the Middle East and Asia, CASS


Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Dr Matthew Brookhouse - Fenner School of Environment and Society, CMBE

Dr Shengyu Fan - School of Culture, History and Language, CAP


Award for Excellence in Supervision

Professor Emily Banks - National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, CMBE


Award for Programs that Enhance Learning.

Foundation Studies for Visual Arts and Design at ANU - Mr Gilbert Riedelbauch, ANU School of Art, CASS.


Award for Indigenous Education

The National Science and Engineering Summer School for Indigenous Students, CMBE/CPMS


Award for Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstrating

Ms Xi Wen (Carys) Chan - Research School of Management, CBE

Ms Emi Yoshida - Department of East Asian Studies, CAP

Ms Estee Tee - Research School of Biology, CMBE

Miss Francesca Maclean - Research School of Engineering, CECS