Two ANU students receive 2019 Hawker Scholarships

24 June 2019

Two ANU students from Burgmann College have received 2019 Charles Hawker Scholarships.

Finnegan Rowbottam and Yasmin Poole were presented with their certificates at a ceremony in Adelaide recently.

Finnegan (or Finn), who is in his first year of Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of International Security Studies degrees, says he's eternally grateful to be selected as one of the recipients.

"It gives me an opportunity to be able to pursue my interests in tertiary education and that through pursuing those interests, I'm able to increase my skill set and my knowledge," he says.

Finn says his ambitions involve moving into the public service, where he hopes to work closely with security experts for the public interest.

"This scholarship gives me the ability to hone my skill sets and learn new skills which I'm going to learn and apply in my employment and my future jobs," he says.

"I think particularly in the 21st century, there's going to be increasing security threats which will impose dangers to Australia and its citizens.

"Through the scholarship giving me the ability to be able to pursue courses that allow me to get future employment in those areas which focus on those particular areas, I'll be able to serve the community and give back to the country."

Yasmin completed her first year of Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of International Relations degrees in 2018.

"This scholarship is, without a doubt, life changing," Yasmin says.

"The word 'gratitude' doesn't fully convey the magnitude of appreciation I feel.

"Making it to interviews was already unexpected so finding out I received it was indescribable."

Receiving the scholarship has meant that Yasmin will be able to pursue opportunities overseas for the first time.

"This summer I will be working for Austrade in Spain and am hoping to eventually intern with the International Criminal Court," she says.

In late 2018, Yasmin was given the opportunity to attend the APEC conference in Papua New Guinea.

For Finn, the scholarship will allow him to continue living on campus at Burgmann College.

"What it allows me to do is focus predominately on my study which is in turn allows me to become more passionate, more interested and willing to do extra-curricular activities which are involved with my studies."

It also means he'll have time to potentially join the ANU Law Society and the ANU Defence and Security Society, which he hopes will give him the chance to network with industry experts.

Both Yasmin and Finnegan were presented their certificates from Dr Richard Harris SC OAM and Dr Craig Challen SC OAM, who were awarded 2019 Australians of the Year for their heroic efforts in helping to save 12 boys from flooded caves in Thailand last year.

Finn and Yasmin were chosen from a field of 140 applicants in the 2019 round of Hawker Scholarship applications.

The Charles Hawker residential scholarships were set up in honour of Australian politician and respected pastoral pioneer, Charles Allan Seymour Hawker, to assist students meet their expenses while studying. Each of the scholarships is valued at up to $60,000 over three years.

Since 1990, the Scholarship trustees have awarded more than $6 million to 126 young Australians.

Details on how to apply for the 2020 Charles Hawker Scholarship can be found at Applications open on 9 December 2019 and will be accepted until 8 January, 2020.